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Worldwide Domina and Fetish Guide
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Empress Empire

Atlanta, Georgia

My Private Dungeon is located in the Central Business District of Rochester NY. Very experienced Domina with a focus in Sensual Domination.

I am a highly experienced professional dominant (pro dom), BDSM / sacred sexuality educator & kink friendly life coach / mentor based in Winsted, Connecticut where I have an extensive multi room dungeon and vast inventory of BDSM equipment at my disposal! I am extremely well versed in many aspects of the BDSM scene and lifestyle including and especially bondage, spanking, floggers, cross dressing medical play and much more! I love teasing and toying with helpless human playthings but never pushing past their breaking point.

Explore the Unknown with Sensual Lady Anya
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Goddess with a Sliver of Ice Queen Leave your ego at the door. Bondage (Sensory Deprivation) Burn Play Caning CBT Corporal Punishment Cross-dressing/Ultimate Expert Fem Transformation Discipline Domestic Discipline Electrical Play Face Slapping Foot Worship/Foot Massage Gags Hair Pulling Have-Faith Financial Domination Human Furniture Humiliation Joy Ride of Humiliation NT Pedicure slavery pet play Role Play Sensation Play (Hot, Cold, Textures) Shoe/Boot/Heel Worship slave training Spanking Spittoon Stocking Worship Tape Play Tease & Denial Tickling Violet Wand WAM (Shaving cream, whipped cream) Whipping (Belt, Cane, Crop, Hair Brush, Whip)

I have a dominant nature from a young age. Are you good enough to serve me?


GODDESS PRINCESS SIMONE SpoiledBlackPrincess footfetish erotichypnosis financialdomination


I am a Professional Dominatrix in the Boston Area who gets great pleasure from dominating submissives, pissing over slaves and inflicting pain on masochists. My mental understanding of the world is beyond you so don’t bother trying to think for yourself, My pet. There just is no need for it while I am around for you to serve Me.


I'm a sensually strict Domina who delights in spanking, foot and leg worship, bondage, role play and distance training.

Mistress Simone is a professional with 20 years experience. Fully equipped dungeon


TS Mistress Mia is a World Class Professional TRANSEXUAL Dominatrix with a completely ReVamped Private Dungeon Convienently located in Dallas Texas. All sessions are Safe, Sane, and Consensual! She offers all levels of Dominance, from nervous novice to hardened players. Cross Dressing & Fetishes are encouraged and welcomed! Submit to your darkest desires and your fantasies will be satisfied!

Mstress Tracy stands 5'7" without heels and weighs 113 lbs. She is highly intelligent and well-educated. She's been in the lifestyle for more than a decade. She believes in and embraces female supremacy. She loves to inflict mental anguish on her submissives, taking complete ownership of her slaves and having them endure the most humbling humiliations. She loves to tease and torment, using every fetish, physical and psychological play at her disposal. Submissives and slaves are expected to adhere to her wishes and rules.


I provide safe discrete and intense sessions. I am experienced in all traditional BDSM genres. I am a sadist at heart. I regard submission as a gift and treat submissives with the respect and dignity they deserve.


I am Mistress Olivia Rose: professional dominatrix, genuine sadist, and FemDom Fetish Queen.


Beautiful Latina Dominatrix/ female supremacist. Daily sessions in Houston's private Elite Dungeon, multiple rooms to play. - Corporal Punishment - Humiliation - Sissy Play - Slave Training - Face Slapping/ spitting - Golden Showers - Face sitting - CBT - Ball Busting - Bondage - Foot/ Boot worship

Los Angeles

Upscale dungeon space in Los Angeles San Fernando Valley avail for session and photographic rentals. Private, secure and parking. Contact for details.

Gorgeous Superior ProDomme Goddess ~Perfection~ Femdom Evil Fun ;) a true sadist that geniune enjoys playing with human toys I bat them around, torture them before I finally sink my claws in I am a wicked powerful creature encased in perfection I am an experienced lifestyle domme - no little girl playing dress up - the real deal! I do what I want & never follow a script I do not overplan my sessions. I go with the mood & energy between myself & my subs. This keeps thing fresh and fun! Every session is unique! ...and I always have fun! I enjoy every session I conduct in my playspace. It is not a typical cold dungeon, but rather my beautiful lair equipped with everything I need to wield my beauty, my body, & my mind to take over & control you. I put you under my spell and draw you into My World -the one I create- the only one that matters - my protected bubble where dark dreams come true in my own private beautiful & discrete playspace in hollywood.

New Jersey

I am Domina Erotica ... Black Beauty, exotic long fingernail Mistress of eroticism, Disciplinarian, Humiliatrix, world traveler, sub space Provider and Fetish Model. A versatile Domina of class, distinction and sophistication maneuvering with the experience of unparallel domination. A behaviour modification specialist knowledgeable in attitude adjustments with alluring control. Well  versed from sensual and provocative to strict and merciless both with a  side order of seductively hypnotic psychological manipulation.  Empowered with over 25 years experience. I travel every year spending 6  months in the United States and 6 months in Europe (mainly Germany) on  My Black Beauty World Domination Tour. Email:

Website of Mistress Flame, Professional Dominatrix based near Cherry Hill, New Jersey

New York City

Explore your Fetishes and Fantasies with a World Renowned, Erotic and Authentic Dominatrix located in New York City. I have been Dominating men since 2001. Ever since I became a Femdom, I pride Myself on being a Sadist.  I will mesmerize you with My hypnotic eyes. You will be at the mercy of my powerful body gazing at My beautiful curves just as I prepare to punish you.
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Exquisite Torment by the Singular Mistress Rozz Contact/ Gallery/ About
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Domina Zinc


I am Mistress Rina, a Lifestyle and Professional Mistress Located in Newark, Ohio. I have been in the lifestyle all My adult life and have been a professional Mistress for several years now.
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Who  am I, you ask?  I am the girl next door who’s gaze you’ve never been  able to hold without blushing, the queen you dream of serving, the  kittenish ingénue with sharp, hidden claws, declining to pounce ‘til you  least expect it; I am the temptress you long to yield to, the siren who  keeps you awake at night with her softly insistent whispering;  the femme fatale who will coax you into surrendering your dignity and  swallowing your pride (amongst other tasty treats); the domina who knows  your proper place and how best to put you in it.  But you can call  me Miranda.  Say it with me.  Say, “yes, Miranda.”

Orange County

Dominatrix Miss Sheri Darling is one of LA & OC's young top Dommes! Serve live, via phone sessions or on webcam!


My Name is Mistress Anni Fleur, located in Philadelphia. Your femdom, Mistress, Dominatrix for Spanking session ,GS, NT, CBT, cuckold session between Philly, Manhattan, NJ, Boston and Miam. Screening required

Like a Siren I lure men into my realm using my exquisite beauty, superior intellect, and devious mind. I then take control using your darkest erotic fantasies against you. You will surrender yourself to my perverse desires. I possess you, body and psyche. You will continuously beg me to push your limits for my sadistic pleasure. I enjoy inflicting not only physical but mental anguish. My wicked smile will haunt your waking dreams. My petite stature, porcelain skin, platinum blonde hair, and voluptuous body demand respect and will bring you to your knees. You will quiver with anticipation of what is to come. My beautifully pedicured, tiny size 6 feet command devotion and worship. I have many stiletto and platform heels (open and close toe) stockings and boots. My alluring femininity will intoxicate you. I have a variety of lingerie, corsets, garters, satin gloves, pencils skirts, and pvc attire.

Phoenix, Arizona

I am a Lovingly Sadistic Domina with over 8 years experience of both LifeStyle and Professional Domination.


Domina Victoria Rage  NB

Creative, deviant & highly  inventive, I\'m the woman who  can turn you inside out  without breaking a sweat.   My pleasure is in power  exchange, dominance through  seduction...   All you have to do is ask and  I\'ll give you that shift in  paradigm you so dearly need!  Whether that happens to  involve visions of yourself  trussed in rope, held at my  mercy and being endlessly  teased or perhaps something  much more salacious using my  extensive experience and  decade long collection of  diabolical devices: all you  have to do is ask...     

Tuscon, Arizona

Dominatrix Mistress Karin von Kroft has passion for BDSM and Female domination. She likes high heels discipline with spanking and bondage. This site contains bdsm, bondage and discipline, CBT, teasing and denial, cumming, cock and ball, ass and pussy worship, please woman, strap-on training, foot worship, toilet training, golden showers, whipping and chastity training. Karin is the queen of erotic and sensual BDSM. She has years of experience and always enjoys playing with new submissive men or coupels. Men are forced to please her.

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