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Worldwide Domina and Fetish Guide
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My name is Mistress Charlyn I am a Lifestyle, fetish, model residing in southeast Asia of Bangkok, Thailand. My nationality is Polynesian/Asian, Spanish and Black. In my profession I have been a practicing pro in the Asian BDSM scene for 13 years. I am also a fetish model and business consultant of and Owner of and I enjoy meeting others who are also involved with the fashion industry.
Contact: Tel: +66615632675

Mistress Pailing & Mistress Da                                                                  

Get down on your knees, slave!!    I may be the youngest Mistress at THAI-BDSM, but do not let my age or appearance fool you.   Since joining the house, I have had a wide range of experience, with a particular love of rope work.   I enjoy discipline, playing hard and heavy, torturing and punishing my slaves in session.   When you first have a session with me, I will have you under my spell, trampled under my foot grovelling to worship me.   Get down at my feet slave, and assume your rightful place. Are you ready to be trampelled?

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