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*** Toms Interview ***
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Tom: How have you discovered your interest in Domination ?
Mistress Sable: I have always been an outspoken, strong and independent. At the young age of 16 was my first realization of my fetish fascination. I was in a relationship at the time when I uncovered my ex-boyfriends fetish toys. I started playing with him and found that I really enjoyed it and that it somehow was already part of my personality. From there I got involved in TES the local BDSM community, and then grew tremendously in my passions with my new found family at the legendary “Hellfire/The Vault” in New York City.

Tom: What makes you a very unique lifestyle Domina?
Mistress Sable:Though there I many Dominatrixes in this world, I would like to think that those who know me come away with a feeling that I am unforgettable. My early entry into the lifestyle and my insatiable desire to learn and experience new things within the fetish arts has provided me knowledge beyond my years. Being a rubberist along with being a devout sadist who is ventures into the most taboo of kink, I am anything but normal, mundane or predictable.

Tom: Would slaves have the chance to meet you in a studio in Europe? Are you working only in USA or do you travel from time to time ?
Mistress Sable: Traveling in Europe and to perform sessions with my overseas slaves is something I have do as much as possible. The areas I frequent are London, Amsterdam and Germany.

Tom: What do you think is the most different between a professional Dominatrix in Europe and United States of America.
Mistress Sable: It seems that Mistresses are multiplying here in the USA at an astronomical rate.  Many are undertrained and lacking real devotion to fetishism within themselves. In the USA,  they are blending more sexual overtones with BDSM than the hardcore nature of that which his found in Europe . There also tends to be a lack of appreciation by clients for those Mistresses who have been in the business for quite a long time. These clients are easily swayed by a young pretty face instead of their level of experience and talent.

Tom: You also work as fetish model, can anybody book you for this job also private people want to have a beautiful women in rubber or plastic for  there own picture library or only big agencies.
Mistress Sable: Being that I have my own website where I do fetish modeling on a subscription basis and that I do model professionally, I have to have control of my images and how they are used. Of course when I get to know someone a bit better photographs could be negotiated as a paid shoot.

Tom: Something more private... Are you interested in culture, like art, books, theatre or movies and what are your favorites?
Mistress Sable: Though BDSM and Fetish are a major factor in my life, it is just a small part of who I am. Being that I get to travel, I do more than just sightsee. I like to wander off to really explore what other cultures have to offer. Growing up in New York, the undisputed center of culture and art in the United States , I was very influenced by theater, art, music and dance. One of my favorite artists is Salvador Dali, just love it. The genres of art that I am most attracted are Surrealism, Pop Art, and Dadaism.  Out here in Los Angeles , the movie capital of the world, one can not help but feel the history of the industry. I see so many films I feel at times like a critic.  My favorite movies are Logan ’s Run, Notebook, The Exorcist, anything with Steve Martin in the 80’s, Aliens, The Warriors. As you can tell I am a bit of a geek, or as I like to see myself, a comic book girl.

Tom: What kind of gifts do you like from slaves who want make you a especially happy.
Mistress Sable: I love gifts from the best fetish vendors like Demask, Fetters, Studio Gum and more. To make selecting something that I would really use and want, I have a section on my website called “Misfit Toys” where I made a wish list of items for those who wish to give me a gift.

Tom: Back to BDSM, What are the qualities a slave should have to serve you on a regular basis ?
Mistress Sable: I seek those who are intelligent, loyal, creative, selfless and emotionally stable. I am easily bored so I demand a slave to be able to grow with me as I take them beyond where they ever imagined.

Tom: What are your advice to the Ladies who decide to explore their dominant feeling/ side?
Mistress Sable: They first of all should realize that they are feeling something thrilling and new. Finding others in the lifestyle through local groups is a great way to learn from others. Also buying the proper equipment is very important because you will get great satisfaction from using quality items and they will last you a long time. Also there is more to being a Dominant than just being a bitch and inflicting pain. Respect the Art of Domination and learn as much as you can and grow.

Tom: Please tell me the most intense scene You ever did.
Mistress Sable: My favorite was keeping my most passionate Rubberist in total enclosure for a weekend. Smothered in a heavy latex suit, straitjacket and blowup punishment hood, anal plug and urethral catheter, I strapped him to a rubber covered bondage bed. Stripped of all senses and laying in his sweat, I began a regiment of breath play suffocation, intense electric torture and sensory deprivation. Only brief breaks for liquid feedings were any such relief. I turned him over on his stomach and crossed his straitjacket sleeves behind his back, and strapped his legs to the corners of the bed. I began working an intense caning punishment that could sting through the thickest of rubber. I could hear him slightly crying inside the inflatable hood which really excited me. At times I would slip into the room quietly so he wouldn’t know I was there and watch my rubber toy with great pleasure as he struggled through periods of great panic and extreme pleasure.

Tom: Do you allowed your slave to come during a session?
Mistress Sable: It actually depends on what is agreed in the session. My definition of BDSM does not usually include an orgasm for a slave. If an orgasm is to occur it is only because I want it to happen.

Tom: Is there anything else you want tell my readers.
Mistress Sable: I want to let your readers know that I have pictures on of me modeling some of their new items. I am quite proud of them. Also I hope that everyone takes a look at my web site I will be adding much more to my members area called “Entourage” so I hope you will join me.

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