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*** Toms Interview ***
Mit Mistress Lilith Of Scotland aus Glasgow, Scotland, UK Kontakt: or Tel.: 07857390255

Tom: When did You turn professional? And what was the reason you do this?    
Mistress L:  I became aware of what BDSM was when I was a youngster at the age of  16.  My first serious boyfriend was a few years older and was a  splosher, that's where the curiosity all started.   After been taken along to my first ever fetish club, that's where I  discovered what a dominatrix actually was, and right there and then,  that is when I decided my path as being a Professional Dominatrix was  one I had to undertake. I wanted a powerful name that rung close to my own birth name. As silly  as it sounds I took the name Lilith from Cheers and Frasier, as Lilith's  character was so close to what I was myself.  She was a scientist who  was pale, raven haired and very intelligent with a straight sense of  reasoning, very Vulcan in a way.

Please describe Your style of Domination?     
Mistress L:  I love using my body weight and restraining men with my strength.  I  love to wrestle, and pin my clients, school bully scenarios are always a  favourite. I also undertake medical scenarios where my medical training comes in  handy! Tied and teased can be fun, especially combined with my sense of humour,  it makes for an interesting but fun session!

Tom: What do you think is paramount to make a good SM session?   
Mistress L:  FUN! So many clients remark on my smile, my good humour and my nice  nature.  I tend to get as much information regarding the session as  possible, that means I am fully prepared for the session before the  client even arrives.  I am very relaxed, and like to chat during  sessions, this helps put the client at ease and makes for a better  session I feel.

Tell us a little about your private life, what are your hobbies..    
Mistress L:  In my personal life I do ordinary things I guess. I play the cello, I  go out with friends, and my social circle seems to be filled with  Professional Wrestlers and bodybuilders which is nice.  I travel a lot  but I always combine it with work.  I have also bought Scotland's  longest running fetish club, Violate.  This is now on twice a month at  two venues so that tends to keep me busy and planning in between  sessions.

Tom: How important is erotism to you in a session? Are you "touchable" or are you more into classical dominance?    
Mistress L:  I dont allow anyone to touch me in a session unless I am instructing  them to worship my feet or my legs. I am very hands on in sessions  however. I like using my body as a way to restrain clients. I love  wrestling, I love pinning men in different holds. I also use this  approach in sessions such as foot fetish, with different ways of pinning  the client with my feet in sight to worship.

Tom: What  would be the good approach for a slave who wants to have a session with  you? Is any one without experience welcome? couples too? Are you open  to any fantasies?    
Mistress L:  For any slave who wishes to session with me, just be polite, as I am  always polite back.  Have fun, do not be shy, because trust me, after  over twelve years of Pro Domming, I have heard it all before! I have had a surge of couples this past year due to  the book 50 shades  of Grey. It has encouraged couples to explore there sexuality and delve  into the world of BDSM. I see a lot of nervous novices also, but I have a knack of putting  anyone at ease.

Tom: Which game is your favourite? Do you get a kick from the suffering of your slaves?     
Mistress L:  Foot fetish, tied and teased but also a bit of ultra violence is always  good for relieving stress. It feels like the most natural thing in the  world.  It feels right.  It feels as though that is what is meant to be  happening and that not only is it pleasing me, but I am helping the  slave also, with some sort of therapy if you will. I truly and utterly adore my work.

Do you have any fetishes?    
Mistress L:  I have a few fetishes of my own that I do not get to indulge in as its   seen as extreme. I perceive myself as a modern Geisha artisan. A  Skilled female psychological performer, entwined with the mind of a  cenobite and thriving amidst  the beauty-obsessed elite.  Trying to  balance my surgical obsession with my art form is something that not  many people can help me indulge in which is a pity. Amputations,  scarification, surgical procedures which I am capable of doing myself,  but have no stock in which to truly be an artist in. A living, breathing  cenobite.

Is there any place you would like to travel to and work as dominatrix?    
Mistress L:  I have a few places which I would love to tour. Macedonia, Serbia,  Romania, Poland and Russia.  I am absolutely positive I would find what I  am looking for if I search hard enough. I have worked all over the UK, Ireland, Amsterdam, Germany, and the USA.  

Tom: As always, the last question is dedicated to my interview partner. Is there something you want to let everybody know?    
Mistress L:  I believe that all human beings deserve the right to a private life  that is there own. A client that visits a dominatrix is doing no one any  harm, and should not be slandered, humiliated, or punished for this  indulgence, that's a mistresses job! Most people assume a Mistress  offers some sort of sexual service, this is an insult as no Professional  dominatrix allows any form of sexual contact between her and the  client. People like me exist because there is a demand for skilled men and women  in the field of BDSM. There are far too many so called Mistresses out  there that have no clue about the art of Domination, and are clearly  only in the business for the money. This shows through in there work,  clients are not stupid.

Tom: Thanks for your Time and for this Interview.    
Mistress L: Thank you Tom
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