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*** Toms Interview ***
Mit Kelly Kalashnik aus Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Kontakt: - Tel: +31 570 600633

Tom: Hello Mistress Kelly Kalashnik, I wanted to make this interview with you for a very long time. I m glad you finally found the time to answer my questions and I m sure your fan club will be very happy to know you a little bit more through this interview. First of all I would like to know where your passion from SM comes from?
KK: For me BDSM is not a passion, it's just something normal and logical. In Russia where I come from it was normal to have discipline and being punished when someone fails. Because of single-sex schools, children already learned that there's difference between sexes. Just like every girl in my village, I thought it was normal to take advantage of boys and use them. And the boys thought that was normal too. When I came to the Netherlands I found out that men and woman are equal. For me that was quite difficult during my study and jobs. Because I always had a sort of fetish for sexy clothing and high heels. I went to Amsterdam for shopping. There I came to a fetish shop where they sold fetish clothes, but also BDSM equipment. In that shop I felt at my place. At that time I quited my job and started learning to be a professional SM-Mistress at Studio Marianne (as well known as SM-studio in the Netherlands at that time).

Tom: For how long are you working as a professional Mistress? Where have you been working? Where can slaves meet you nowadays?
KK: I started ten years ago learning and working as a Mistress in Deventer at Studio Marianne. There the Mistresses taught me everything about bondage, torture, humiliation etc. Nowadays slaves can look at my website where they can find me.

Tom: What would be the good approach for a slave who wants to have a session with you? Is any one without experience welcome? couples too? Are you open to any fantasies?
KK: Any male polite slave is welcome. Experience is not necessary. It's fun to find out what the new slave is good for. I do not play with couples. I don't like to be the outsider. Sessions with a colleague Mistress and a slave will be nice, because for the slave we are both unreachable women.

Tom: You have the reputation for being a very sadistic and cruel Mistress but you seems to be very kind and soft spoken. Do you consider yourself as a sadistic Mistress? Is SM a way for you to express yourself?
KK: Like I said, SM is something natural and logical to me. I do think I'm a sadistic Mistress, I like to be mean, hurt and humiliate men. Not that I hate men, I do respect every human being and every living creature. The slaves that I hurt, want to be hurt. When I think the slave is still capable to handle the torture I might not give mercy when he asks for it. But of course I can see when the pain is really to much. And yes I have a soft voice, but my dominance is not related to the noise I make. And of course I am very kind !!!! Ask my slaves!

Tom: Being a serious high heels fetish I noticed that you always wearing stilletos boots or shoes? Do you have a fetish for high heels? Do you have any other fetish?
KK: I like shoes and boots with high heels. High heels are especially made for women, but I think men should also be able to wear high heels as well. I like a naked slave with nice high heeled boots. So yes you can consider that I have a fetish for high heels. And I have a fetish for leather, it's comfortable to wear and it smells nice.

Tom: Besides this fetishes which game is your favourite? Do you get a kick from the suffering of your slaves?
KK: I like all sort of games. The variety makes my work satisfying. Though I do prefer harder sessions. I get a kick from ball busting. Caning, whipping and nailing a slaves balls to some piece of wood is very pleasant and horny to do. Riding on a four legged human horse is also much fun. And ofcourse I like facesitting, because I'm the facesitting queen!

Tom: Looking through your videos I see that you have numerous outfit with completely different style? Would you say you have one style you like in particular or do you like to be always someone different? and why?
KK: I like different sort of outfits, but it's not that I want to be someone else. I just wear whatever I like. I have different sort of interest, like different sort of music and different sort of food. If I listen to classical music I am still the same person as when I listen to punk-rock. So with clothes it's just the same.

Tom: You have made loads of videos the past 3 years and I was wondering how you get to find the slaves for your movies? Can anyone apply to be part of your productions?
KK: The slaves I film with are some special slaves who have earned to be part in my video's. Most of them with whom I film are there from day one. But if there are new slaves who want to volunteer and who can handle at least one thing quite extreme I might use them. For example I could use a real hard ball busting slave or a fistfuckslave. They can apply by e-mail. But only if they can really be useful for me.

Tom: What do think is paramount to make a good SM session? or a good video session?
KK: A good SM-session is when I get my kick from humiliating and torturing a slave, and where the most deep intense feelings get out of the slaves mind. For a good video session there must be seen as much real emotions as possible. So most of the time it will need some hard torture and discipline to get some action.

Tom: Beside being a gorgeous Mistress what are you hobbies in life? Are you more of a party animal or nature lover ? or both?
KK: My interests are reaching very wide. I like to party from time to time, fetish parties of course. But I also like places where it's nice and quiet and where I can enjoy nature and animals. Horse riding is also one of my hobby's, but then on a real horse through the woods or at the beach. I like sailing, surfing, canoe-ing, swimming and sunbathing. I also enjoy going to concerts to see and listen to rock and alternative bands as well as classical concerts or choirs.

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