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aXelle de Sade
a X e l l e   d e    S a d e

In this dance that I invite you to enter, a sensual,  intimate and alchemical dance, I shall take up your body and your spirit  and shall subject you totally to my rites and spells.
With me and by me, you will happily abandon your  artifices, those old social clothes, so that your skin is bare, so that  your body offers itself without restraint, giving itself totally. Your  body will not only ask to open a little more into what will penetrate  it, to what can drive it into unknown places, by revealing its deeply  hidden and still unsatiated desires…
As in an exorcism, a total exploration, this body will  be called to offer itself, to enjoy this offering, to shout, to enter  into pleasure and pain under my expert hands, to open of all its  orifices, beyond all usual social conventions.
Let me guide you, become the slave of my will and  desires, discover yours, those of which you still have no idea, offer me  totally this body that you sometimes dream to abandon all control and  when I shall return it to you,  you will only wish to give me the  control again.
An all powerful magician radiating sensuality and  authority, creator of the unexpected, explorer of possible infinity, I  shall become your guide to leading you into these shady spaces,  subjecting you to my rites and spells during an initiatory journey, an  incredible and sensual symphony, made by perfumes, by sounds, by  textures, by taste and by words which altogether will disrupt all your  usual bearings.
It’s a bewitching, mesmerising trance, an intimate  dance leading into  "sub-space”, this moment of letting go, where  nothing else has importance, where abandonment is total. I will not  cease working your body until all of its fluids have been freed, or at  the use of a ”safe word."
So that the magic operates, we must be two. For that  purpose, I invite you to write a confession beforehand with precaution  and strength of details, as they will become the ingredients of our  sessions.
I am named aXelle, small a, big X, this is how I spell it.

 Paris, France


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